One parent is invited back to observe during the initial exam and checkups. We have a designated parent seating area from which you can observe treatment.

Over time, we hope to bring your child back by themselves to better establish your child's trust and independence. During sedation and treatment at the hospital, no parents are allowed to observe due to safety concerns.

For safety and privacy of the other patients, all others (including children that are not scheduled at this appointment) are asked to remain in the reception room. Young children in the reception room will need a supervising adult.

The use of cellular phones is prohibited in the treatment areas. Conversations carried on by others in the clinical area can be very distracting to children, thus preventing us from close, careful communication with each young patient.

Finally, if you expect your child to do well and enjoy their visit to our office, chances are they will do just that! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in these matters.